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History of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

During the second half of the 50s, the colonel of the Czechoslovak army, Karel Hartl, tried to breed a female Carpathians wolf, with two adoult German Shepherds. The first Shepherd was fully tamed and was subdued by the she wolf; the second (Cezar z Brezoveho Haje), who was rather wild, and was born and raised independently. The first attempt failed, the following year ​​a second attempt was made, marking the start of the breed to fix the genetic and character traits of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

Rep z Pohraniční stráže By the 60s there were already several generations of hybrids, the first resulting from the intersection between the wolf Brita and the German Shepherd Cezar z Brezoveho Haje, and the other descending from the same she-wolf with another German Shepherd Kurt z Vaelavky.

Cezar and Brita generated Bessy and Bety z Pohraniční (F1) stráže which were covered by two shepherds.
Through Bety (F1) & Orest ze Zimová (GS) including Barka z Pohraniční stráže (F2) and Cita z Pohraniční stráže (F2), while Bessy (F1) & Hasso zo Šamorína (GS) produced Old, Odin and Osa z Pohraniční stráže (F2).

In 1968, the same experiment was repeated by Karel, were coupled the wolf Argo with a female German Shepherd, Auction z SNB, which gave rise to two new wolf hybrids (F1), Ura & Uno z SNB CS.

Ura was subsequently coupled with GS Ajax vom alten Pleen, generating F2 hybrids, one male (Ink z SNB CS) and a female (Bara z SNB CS). Coffin, was used in reproduction with Ciko z Pohranicni (F3), which came from the bloodline of Brita x the German Shepherd Kurt. From this union was born Prim z Pohraniční stráže (F3 / F2), a male that was used several times in the 80's.

In 1974 came an additional infusion of wolf blood; the female of third generation Xela z Pohraniční stráže (F3), (arising from the bloodline Brita/ Kurt - Arno z Pohraniční stráže (GS)), was covered by the wolf Sarik, and on 03/25/1975 a male covered another female, Urta z Phranieni Straze (resulting by F3 x F3/F4).

From this union of wolf and Xela was born Xavan z Pohraniční stráže, the father of the most commonly used male in the history of the breed: Rep z Pohraniční stráže (F3), the dog shown in photo.

In 1989 there was the official recognition of the breed by the FCI and the standard was recorded under the number 332.

At the beginning of the 80's, many breeders covered their females with Rep, ignoring the breeding programs of the engineer Karel; within five years about 90% of the dogs had a strong kinship.