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Kennel of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs.

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Special Meeting in Padova for CSV

At the special meeting of csv in Padova my two dogs Bajkal and Akebia collected two good results.
Bajkal Od Nasej Vlcice was 2° excellent place Ris. CAC (2/9 dogs in Working Class)
Akebia Salto del Lupo was 2° excellent place Ris. CAC (2/7 dogs in Working Class). We are very happy of these two results!


International dog show Nitra

At International dog show in nitra, Saturday morning, my Bajkal taken 1° excellent CAC, CACIB, Best Male and BOB BEst of Breed! In finally he is new Slovak Champion!


Litter C-Salto del Lupo

We are so proud to annunce our C-litter Salto del Lupo between our Bajkal Od Nasej Vlcice and our multi Ch of Beauty and Expos Zela z Peronowki.

For infos contact by phone please, thanks :)


International dog show in Rome

We have a great result for this last week end in Rome.
Our bajkal Od Nasej Vlcice 1° excellent CAC - CACIB and Best Male,
Althaea Salto del Lupo 1° excellent CAC


National Dog Show Rocca di Cambio (IT)

Bajkal Od Nasej Vlcice 1° Excellent CAC, Best Male, Best of Breed and BOG3 at National dog Show in Rocca di Cambio (IT)


45 day of pregnacy...

All is coming in good conditions...puppies are fine and Zela is always beautiful!


Pregnacy is confirmed!

I am so happy to announce the litter between Zela z Peronowki and Chett Maly Bisterec!
The puppies will be avaible in May 2015.


Beautiful sun day on the beach

Yesterday, me and Bajkal were on the beach near my house.


Special meeting for G.A.L.C.2

Yesterday near Ferrara (IT), it was a special meeting for wolfish breeds, the judge for our CSV was Arnaldo Balatroni (IT).
Two of Zela's puppies were there in Junior Class: Anthemis Salto del Lupo was 3° Very Promissing place and Akebia Salto del Lupo was 1° place Very Promissing and Best Juniores of the show! Super congrats to her owner Martina!


CACIB Bratislava

This week end in International dog show in Bratislava my sweet Zela was 1° excellent place and she has taken another CAC for her Slovak Championship. We are so happy of her handling and behaviour on the final ring.