Our services


Grooming, Handling and Dog show preparation

Every dog show requires an adequate preparation and training. In addition to an impeccable grooming, dogs should be properly trained to execute some specific exercises by standing squarely and still, with a confident attitude and demonstrating a perfect synchrony with his handler.
Dogs are usually initiated to such training since they are 6 months old.

dog sitting

Dog Sitting

Whenever our owners need to temporarily separate from their beloved dogs for few hours or days, we are more than happy to welcome them to our kennel where they spent their first months of life. We love to see them growing, gaining confidence and developing their own unique personality. To make their stay as pleasant as possible we usually organize some fun outdoor activities like walking or hiking.


Dog boarding with trusted partner

We usually collaborate with a trusted partner close to our kennel for long or short period boarding.
Only available upon reservation.

asilo diurno cani

Daycare and Dog taxi in Rome

We provide both daycare and dog taxi services in Rome for all the owners who need their puppies to socialize and play in all safety, and for those who want them to spend some time far from home to reduce their separation anxiety.


Worldwide transportation and delivery of our puppies

Our dogs are usually adopted everywhere in Italy and abroad. To help new owners to reach their puppies we usually provide a worldwide transportation service upon request. We personally deliver our dogs to their new families around Italy, Europe, America and Asia.


24-hours assistance

We follow our puppies in each and every step of their growth by using every modern communication tool. We are in constant touch with the owners of our dogs from adoption to adult age.

congelamento del seme canino

Worldwide shipment of frozen or chilled canine semen

We provide worldwide delivery of frozen or chilled canine semen from our studs via authorized couriers. We also manage all the drawing, conservation and refrigeration processes in collaboration with specialized vet clinics.

Visits by appointment

We give all the Czechoslovakian wolfdog-lovers the opportunity to visit our kennel and meet our wonderful dogs.
Only by appointment.


Training and obedience academy

We organize base and advanced courses with breed experts for dog management techniques and training.
Our trusted partners will share all their knowledge and professional experience for helping the owners to solve any potential behavioral issue.


Training for SVP endurance exam

The SVP 40km endurance exam is a mandatory step to obtain the official title of Italian or International champion of beauty.
For owners who want to compete in sport activities and we offer our support with specific training for the SVP 40km endurance test.