History of our Kennel

My first experience with the Czechoslovakian wolfdog dates back to 2007 when I literally felt in love with one of my friend’s dog. I asked her for some information about the breed and she immediately warned me on how beautiful but demanding these dogs are.
At that time I did not know anything about Czechoslovakian wolfdogs except for their undeniable beauty.

In 2010 I finally decided to adopt my first wolfdog, Ash, who is today an incredibly sweet and playful 10-years-old big boy.
I had several past experiences with other dogs in my life, but this was my first one with a Czechoslovakian wolfdog so I basically started this adventure from scratch.

One year later I was so deeply in love with this breed that I decided to go to Poland and take my beautiful Zela with me.
Zela z Peronowki comes from one of the most prestigious and famous Kennel in the world. She is the daughter of two dogs that embody the history of the breed, Eligo z Peronowki and Jolly z Molu Es. Zela collected an incredible amount of titles all over Europe for her unquestionable beauty and charisma.
She is the matriarch of the Salto Del Lupo Kennel and she is the mother of many Italian and international champions. In 2014, after a long and successful career, Zela became the mother of my very first litter A, that includes Italian Champions of beauty Althaea and Akebia Salto del Lupo.

In the same year I decided it was the right moment to finally have a proper stud in my pack so I went for the best.
Bajkal Od Nasej Vlcice aka Balto is the son of Gunner Maly Bisterec, sharing the same blood of the legendary Blek z Liehovarského Dvora.
He is the only son of Agira Vlci Demon in Italy.
I chose Balto among his 4 little brothers, he was definitely love at first sight. Likewise Zela, Balto is father of several Italian and international Champions of beauty from Salto del Lupo Kennel all over the world.

In 2014 a new beautiful and charming female became part of my Kennel. Her name is Jahi II z Peronowky aka Yma and she is a direct descendent of Baron Spod Dumbiera, one of the most prestigious blood lines in the history of the breed.
Yma is an very sensitive and charismatic dog with extremely wolfish attitude and appearance. She became the mother of my precious Litter D, Salto del Lupo in 2016.

In the following years, my wolf pack has significantly grown including new members of the Salto del Lupo family.
Subjects from the most prestigious blood lines of Europe: Belthil del Salto Crazy Soul, Artex Vilhanov Dvor, Happy Wolf Face da Campos y Lobos etc…

allevamento cane lupo cecoslovacco