About me


My name is Andrea Santoni and I am Czechoslovakian wolfdog breeder since 2010.

I gained my experience on the breed thanks to my pack, made of ten dogs that have been selected among the most important international kennels.

My priority as a breeder is a scrupulous attention to health and uniqueness of the best blood lines, in order to preserve the highest quality standards.

Salto the Lupo litters are accurately studied in every single detail. Studs and dams from my matings are carefully selected not only for their unquestionable beauty but most of all for their health, charisma and absence of any type of genetic diseases.

The owners of my dogs are all closely and personally supported during the phases of their puppies’ growth.

I can count on a trusted network of trainers, professionals and dedicated structures all over the country to make sure my dogs are raised in the best possible way.

I am truly proud of my work as breeder and so far I collected an incredible number of achievements in both dog shows and training.

My blood lines are among the finest and most requested around the world.

I miei cuccioli hanno infatti raggiunto svariate mete oltre Oceano, e molti di loro sono diventati i capostipiti di nuovi allevamenti.

As a matter of fact, many Salto del Lupo puppies have found their families not only in Italy but all over the world: United Stated, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland.

I find my job extremely gratifying as it allows me to contribute to keep this amazing breed at its best, with no compromises on the quality and exclusivity of my dogs’ pedigrees which are the result of an extremely accurate research.

The studs and dams of Salto del Lupo litters are meticulously selected from the best foreigner subjects so to bring new blood into the Italian scenario and preserve the best features of the breed.


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